Monday, July 5, 2010

The eve of 29

Well as of midnight tonight, I am 29. I am feeling a little down, but thats not surprising. I really wanted to be pregnant by this birthday, but it seems its not in the stars for now.

I am looking forward to having a long weekend in Melbourne this weekend. Good food, great wine and an awsome husband to share it with.

Tilly - our beagle is doing so well after training. She is like a new dog. I love her to pieces!

We looked at a few open houses on the weekend just past in Glenmore Park. Nice area, good transport system and schools and a shopping centre close by. Reasonable houses for the price we are looking at. We hope to buy in 6 months. Couldn't come sooner!

Well, heres hoping that all the little goals that I have set for myself will come true this year. Bring it on 29, let this year be the year it all happens! Oh yeah, and we have our very first female leader - Julia Gillard. Power to us!

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